No Training in the Raining…

Current weather reports for tomorrow August 29, 2020, show 60% to 90% chance of thunderstorms and heavy winds.

It is prudent to cancel classes and plan our start date for this series on what would have been our second class – September 12th.

Because we typically meet in an area surrounded by trees (one of them already went down in the last hurricane from lightning) I can’t risk everyone’s safety.

I feel probably like you guys do, that all we have been doing this year is postponing things, but with a little luck, the rest of the class series will be good fall weather!!! 

If all NYS reopenings keep going well, I am hopeful we will be indoors before this class completes. Everyone keep those fingers and toes crossed!

Class dates will be as follows:
  • 9.12.20
  • 9.19.20
  • 9.26.20
  • 10.3.20
  • 10.10.20
  • 10.17.20
Stay safe and dry!

Three Dogs Training Fall 2020 classes

Fall 2020 classes now open for enrollment. Socialize your dog, socialize yourself.

Three Dogs Training class enrollment.

You know this dog has been in quarantine way too long!

Fall session starts August 29th. We will be skipping the Saturday of Labor Day (9.5.20)

  • Basic – 9:00 am
  • Distract O Doggie – 10:10 am
  • Intermediate – 11:20 am

For more information click here.

Due to Covid reopening restrictions we have the following guidelines
  • Classes are outdoors for now
    • We will not meet in inclement weather
  • Any postponed classes will be made up
  • All humans need to be wearing a mask 
  • We will be social distancing

Questions contact

September 2019 Animal Assisted Therapy Class Open for Enrollment.

Animal Assisted Therapy Class beginning November 3, 2018, Mahopac NY.

Three Dogs Training’s Animal Assisted Therapy Class is scheduled to begin September 7, 2019

Lisa has almost twenty years of experience visiting with her dogs and teaching Animal Assisted Therapy, Education, and Activities.

Because of her experience, the class starting September 7, 2019 will prepare visiting teams for various populations, facilities, and any testing required for certification.

Visiting dogs can put a smile on the face of a senior who misses her dog, or help someone in rehab work through his therapy projects for the day, or help children sit quietly as they read The Giving Tree. 

Sometimes, a visiting dog might even go for a walk with a person in a wheel chair who never thought they could walk a dog again.

There are a myriad more opportunities for visiting dogs to make a difference in a person’s life, including yours.

If you have ever wanted to visit with your dog, email Lisa, or call 845.228.2546.

Plan your Summer and Fall Dog Training

Now that the humans have graduated, it’s time to think about getting our canine friends a cap and diploma, too.

Three Dogs Training summer and fall classes are open for enrollment.

  • Summer session starts July 13th
  • Fall session starts September 7th

For more information click here.

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