September 2019 Animal Assisted Therapy Class Open for Enrollment.

Animal Assisted Therapy Class beginning November 3, 2018, Mahopac NY.

Three Dogs Training’s Animal Assisted Therapy Class is scheduled to begin September 7, 2019

Lisa has almost twenty years of experience visiting with her dogs and teaching Animal Assisted Therapy, Education, and Activities.

Because of her experience, the class starting September 7, 2019 will prepare visiting teams for various populations, facilities, and any testing required for certification.

Visiting dogs can put a smile on the face of a senior who misses her dog, or help someone in rehab work through his therapy projects for the day, or help children sit quietly as they read The Giving Tree. 

Sometimes, a visiting dog might even go for a walk with a person in a wheel chair who never thought they could walk a dog again.

There are a myriad more opportunities for visiting dogs to make a difference in a person’s life, including yours.

If you have ever wanted to visit with your dog, email Lisa, or call 845.228.2546.

Plan your Summer and Fall Dog Training

Now that the humans have graduated, it’s time to think about getting our canine friends a cap and diploma, too.

Three Dogs Training summer and fall classes are open for enrollment.

  • Summer session starts July 13th
  • Fall session starts September 7th

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The Three Colors of Goldens

Recently I was able to wrangle three Golden Retriever puppies to compare and contrast their differing colors.

3 Goldens 4



For some time, I have noticed Golden Retrievers are turning up in some very different colors.

Until now I have not had all three colors in the same class.


However, in a recent Basic class I was able to wrangle three Golden Retriever puppies to compare and contrast their differing colors.3 Goldens 2

Notice (from left to right) Tucker-the-Cream, Redgie-the-Red, and of course Willow-the-Golden.

My question is, in the future will we be looking at a true color split in this breed like we see with Labs? Will we be making similar designations for Goldens just like we do for Labs?3 Goldens 3

  • Chocolate Lab
  • Red Golden
  • Yellow (I prefer Vanilla) Lab
  • Cream Golden
  • Black Lab
  • Golden Golden

We will probably have to wait a decade or two before we know how this is going to turn out.

Three Goldens movie thumbnailBut in the meantime, here is some  three-colored Golden-puppy play.




Ever wonder what our Puppy Pre-School class is like? Let these goofy pups show you what it’s all about!

Our puppy pre-school is a fantastic class, but it’s so much easier to show a video of what it’s all about rather than describe it in words.

Whenever I get a call from an owner with a new puppy in their house the conversation nearly always turns to me describing what the Three Dogs Training Puppy Pre-School is like.

I’ll step them through the incredible importance of early, positive socialization to puppies, how structured play and regular breaks in that play helps to form and cement a bond a trust between you and the new puppy, and walk them through the skills I teach in the class, but invariably that talk gets interrupted by the barking, crazy puppy on the other end of the line.

As I’ve said before, a picture – or movie! – is worth a thousand words on my part, so without further ado here’s the Three Dogs Training Puppy Pre-School as demonstrated by Bowie, Tucker, and our very own Pinball:

Let us know what you think!