Ever wonder what our Nose Work classes are like? Let Edna and Pi show you!

Nose work is a hugely popular, but it’s difficult to quickly explain what it’s all about so we made two movies to let Edna and Pi show you.

One of the most frequent inquiries I get is to explain what our nose work classes are all about.

Telling folks that it’s about building the drive to search for scent, creating targets that are smaller and smaller, or telling them that it’s about teaching the dog enough self-confidence to be able to work on their own with no direction from their owner typically doesn’t give them the answer that they’re looking for.

Falling back on the idea that a picture – or movie! – is worth a thousand words on my part, let’s have Edna and Pi show you what it’s all about.

A little bit of background: both Edna and Pi are in the Three Dogs Training Nose Work III class, and in these videos are looking for an anise-scented target that’s been concealed in a small plastic egg with a couple small holes drilled in it.



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