Behavior Consultations

Private Training

Although we provide training in traditional group class settings, we recognize that sometimes, for a number of reasons, classes are not always the best approach for everyone.

Whether because of busy schedules, dog temperament issues, or just a hectic day-to-day, we believe that these things shouldn’t stand in the way of having a happy and well-trained dog be a member of your family.

In order to help you and your dog, we’re happy to provide private training classes at your home — or other appropriate environments — tailored to fit the needs of you and your dog.

In the private training sessions we offer the same approach that is taught in the group classes along with whatever specific need you or your dog have, so you’ll not only have the benefits of one-on-one instruction but the convenience of being able to fit it into your busy schedule.

If the need for private training is because of a behavioral issue, as a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Lisa can tailor a training and behavioral modification program for many behavior problems that occur.

If you’re possibly interested in pursuing private training, please contact us.

Behavioral Consulting

What Can A Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Do For You?

Dog Behavior Consultants are uniquely qualified clinicians with expertise in evaluating, managing and modifying a wide range of challenging canine behaviors. They build and strengthen relationships between the human and canine members of a household. They help humans minimize stress in training their dog and create an atmosphere where all members of the household together learn positive techniques for dog training. Dog Behavior Consultants emphasize preventing behavior problems. They may also provide advice on choosing a dog and on finding the right training classes.

When Should You Call A Certified Dog Behavior Consultant?

The time to call is when you notice that your dog has a behavior problem. You may also call a Dog Behavior Consultant any time to learn how to prevent behavior problems. Identifying the causes of a behavior problem early on can make the difference between a happy, enjoyable relationship with your dog and a stressful, constant battle with your canine companion.

What To Expect During A Dog Behavior Consultation:

Lisa will take a detailed history of your dog’s behavior problems and will also observe your dog’s behavior and the interaction of your dog with family members. She will work with you and your family to set goals and will teach you how to implement a plan to modify the dog’s behavior. Depending on your family’s needs, Lisa may suggest on-going support for training and behavior modification, and will follow up when needed by phone or e-mail to monitor your dog’s progress.

The behavioral issues Lisa frequently consults on may include general fear-aggression, dog-dog issues, remedial socialization, issues between dogs and children, and a variety of other behavioral issues which could require anything from management to intensive desensitization and counter conditioning.

We can provide help if your dog is showing:
[unordered_list style=”red-x”]

  • Aggression toward people.
  • Aggression toward dogs or other animals.
  • Household behavior problems, such as excessive barking or digging.
  • Destructive behaviors.
  • Undesirable behaviors, such as jumping or nipping.
  • Attachment or separation anxiety and related problems.
  • Shy or fearful behaviors.
  • Abnormal behaviors, such as excessive licking, air snapping or obsessive tail chasing.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Resource guarding issues.
  • Separation related issues.
  • Appetite or house training problems.[/unordered_list]

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