Marcello and Pax’e try to earn a little extra money during Covid-19 Quarantine.

Dog Cleaning Services available

We clean more than we shed

Pax’e was unable to get canine unemployment payments because I hired her as my editorial assistant. But I don’t pay well.

So, she and Marcello have joined the remote ‘gig economy’ and teamed up to start their own house cleaning service.

Pax’e sweeps in New York City while…

…Marcello holds the dust pan in Carmel, NY.

They have not figured out why their virtual cleaning service has not gotten off the ground.

They will eventually accept Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle.

But for now, they preferred to be paid in dog biscuits.

Smell the Roses?

Pax’e tries to make the best of out New York City spring in Central Park under the cherry blossoms.

We have all heard the saying, “Stop and smell the roses…”

It’s not an easy thing to do during Covid-19 quarantine. So, Pax’e tried to make the best out of New York City spring in Central Park.

Pax’e waxes poetic in canine haiku

Are these rose petals?
No, only cherry blossoms
and these will do. Woof!!!
Pax’e thinks pink is her color!

Distract-O-Doggie Marcello and Mac during Covid-19 Quarantine

Dating site for dogs – If there was such a thing as ‘K9Cupid’ it might look like this…

If there was such a thing as ‘K9Cupid’ it might look like this…

Marcello is an English Cream Golden Retriever who loves his toys.

He is looking for a silly companion to tug with him…

Marcello also loves walks in the park, smelling flowers, grass, trees, and other dogs…

Mac is a Golden-Doodle who loves hiking.

Mac has recently acquired some new toys…

…and would love a good female to snuggle with him and his new Lamby

Distract-O-Doggie Jersey during Covid-19 Quarantine

Because of the ‘stay at home’ guidelines, we have all probably spent more time with our loved ones than we normally would in a whole year.

That goes for our dogs, too…

While it seems Happy would love to keep playing the ‘race to the top’ game, Jersey is disinclined to acquiesce.

It’s possible that even our dogs need a little ‘me time’ too.