The Three Colors of Goldens

Recently I was able to wrangle three Golden Retriever puppies to compare and contrast their differing colors.

3 Goldens 4

For some time, I have noticed Golden Retrievers are turning up in some very different colors.

Until now I have not had all three colors in the same class.

However, in a recent Basic class I was able to wrangle three Golden Retriever puppies to compare and contrast their differing colors.3 Goldens 2

Notice (from left to right) Tucker-the-Cream, Redgie-the-Red, and of course Willow-the-Golden.

My question is, in the future will we be looking at a true color split in this breed like we see with Labs? Will we be making similar designations for Goldens just like we do for Labs?3 Goldens 3

  • Chocolate Lab
  • Red Golden
  • Yellow (I prefer Vanilla) Lab
  • Cream Golden
  • Black Lab
  • Golden Golden

We will probably have to wait a decade or two before we know how this is going to turn out.

Three Goldens movie thumbnailBut in the meantime, here is some  three-colored Golden-puppy play.


Ever wonder what our Puppy Pre-School class is like? Let these goofy pups show you what it’s all about!

Our puppy pre-school is a fantastic class, but it’s so much easier to show a video of what it’s all about rather than describe it in words.

Whenever I get a call from an owner with a new puppy in their house the conversation nearly always turns to me describing what the Three Dogs Training Puppy Pre-School is like.

I’ll step them through the incredible importance of early, positive socialization to puppies, how structured play and regular breaks in that play helps to form and cement a bond a trust between you and the new puppy, and walk them through the skills I teach in the class, but invariably that talk gets interrupted by the barking, crazy puppy on the other end of the line.

As I’ve said before, a picture – or movie! – is worth a thousand words on my part, so without further ado here’s the Three Dogs Training Puppy Pre-School as demonstrated by Bowie, Tucker, and our very own Pinball:

Let us know what you think!