Distract-O-Doggie Mara during Covid-19 Quarantine

Dog welcomes new family member during Covid-19 crisis.

Mara is the cutest Mini-Mystery-Doodle ever. She is well known for her love of dressing up for any holiday occasion!

Like so many families during the Covid-19 quarantine, Mara’s family had another family member come to stay with them…

They are just starting to get to know one another.

Mara thinks to herself, “I hope she’s not going to steal all my holiday costumes!”

Luckily the little baby girl attached to these feet doesn’t take up too much room right now.

But, Mara is clearly concerned as she wonders, “Who has feet this small?”

Congratulations to Mara and her humans on their new addition!

Distract-O-Doggie Little-Lily during Covid-19 Quarantine

Little Lily is a Dachshund/Papillon mix. (So called “little” because there is a larger Lily in class)

Lily has bounding energy and enjoys pushing discs across the floor (rivaled only by Ollie (the topic of another blog).

If Lily could speak, she would say,

“You guys got the toilet paper you need and then some.

But, pandemic-schmandemic – did you stock up on my dog food, too?”

Distract-O-Doggie Oakley during Covid-19 Quarantine

Oakley the English Shepherd takes social distancing to new extremes.

Oakley is an English Shepherd.

Oakley lives in Garrison, New York and like so many shepherd dogs, Oakley is a literal guy and he takes his social distancing very seriously.

Alone on his hill, Oakley waits (more than six feet away from everyone). He is ever vigilant and asks,

“Hello, any sheep out there?”

Really! No Sheep here, either!

“All right, where is everyone?

How can a herding dog work like this?

“Hey sheepies – come on back. A dog’s gotta work!”

As a New York dog practicing social distancing, Oakley would make Governor Cuomo proud…

Special Events?

May all your dog’s poops be special events!

Because dog walking is the primary activity I have these days during our Covid-quarantine, I notice more things…

When walking a dog in New York City there are moments when we are grateful or even excited when our dog finally makes their poop, usually after several blocks of sniffing.

And, I am as much a fan of putting a positive spin on things as the next guy.


When the NYC sanitation department thinks my dog’s poop earns the “special events” designation…

Central Park West Special Events poop disposal

…I have to wonder about the state of things…

May all your dog’s poops be special events!