Want the best dog training class instructor?

The best dog training class instructor will teach humans and dogs alike using science based, force-free, fear-free training.

I have been offering fun and rewarding training classes in the northern Westchester, Putnam, and western Connecticut area for almost twenty-five years.

“Evidence supports the use of reward-based methods for all canine training. AVSAB promotes interactions with animals based on compassion, respect, and scientific evidence. Based on these factors, reward-based learning offers the most advantages and least harm to the learner’s welfare.”

AVSAB Position Statement on
Humane Dog Training
The best dog training class instructor will teach you and your dog to do more than sit, down, stay, wait and the basic commands.

I teach handlers how to communicate with their dogs to help their dogs do the right thing and be the best, happiest dog they can be.

The best dog training sit
Fun and rewards allowed this team to build a perfect and happy focus!
Teaching handlers how to read their dog teaches them how to understand and communicate with their dog.

To help you learn how to communicate with your dog, I will teach you how to read your dog’s body language. Knowing what your dog is signaling will help you teach them and keep them happy and calm. This book by Turid Ruggas is the primer on your dog’s body language, “On Talking Terms with Dogs, Calming Signals.

We all learn better when we are having fun! Dog training classes should be fun and make everyone happy. There should never be force or fear used to teach.

Dog playing dots and gizmos one of the best training game
Sit/Stay with dots and toys.

The best dog training class instructor will understand that it is so much more fun to proof sit/stay when playing the dots-and-gizmos game. 

Evidence shows us, “Why You Need to Reward Your Dog,” by Zazie Todd, PhD.

I want to help my students (humans and dogs) have joy in their training time together.
The best group stay
More dots, more stays, more fun!

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Two dogs settling after doing their best in class.
A trained dog is a happy dog – and probably a little tired, too 😊

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