Distract-O-Doggie Marcello and Mac during Covid-19 Quarantine

Dating site for dogs – If there was such a thing as ‘K9Cupid’ it might look like this…

If there was such a thing as ‘K9Cupid’ it might look like this…

Marcello is an English Cream Golden Retriever who loves his toys.

He is looking for a silly companion to tug with him…

Marcello also loves walks in the park, smelling flowers, grass, trees, and other dogs…

Mac is a Golden-Doodle who loves hiking.

Mac has recently acquired some new toys…

…and would love a good female to snuggle with him and his new Lamby

Distract-O-Doggie Jersey during Covid-19 Quarantine

Because of the ‘stay at home’ guidelines, we have all probably spent more time with our loved ones than we normally would in a whole year.

That goes for our dogs, too…

While it seems Happy would love to keep playing the ‘race to the top’ game, Jersey is disinclined to acquiesce.

It’s possible that even our dogs need a little ‘me time’ too.

Distract-O-Doggie Luna, Scout, and Ginger (Golden, Golden, Lab) during Covid-19 Quarantine

Like so many of us during this pandemic, Luna, Scout, and Ginger are also concerned about the availability of food.
They might be saying, “Hey humans, I don’t see any crumbs falling. What’s the deal?

And, if they are anything like my dog, toilet paper is of great concern for them, too.

Pax’e might be saying… “Did you need this? You’ll have to get your own.”

This is the real reason people are hoarding TP…

Distract-O-Doggie Ollie during Covid-19 Quarantine

Ollie stalks the unsuspecting stuffed animals and pretends to be a meerkat.

Ollie is a Dachshund-Poodle-ShihTzu mix rescued from a hoarding situation. He loves tricks and adventures.

Ollie works in NYC and weekends upstate.

Hiding in plain sight, Ollie stalks the unsuspecting stuffed animals.

Or perhaps because he is now working from home as a result of Covid-quarantine, he is sleeping in…

When Ollie is awake, he pursues his life long dream of becoming a meerkat.

He cares not for the fact that the Hudson Valley is nothing like the Kalahari Desert, the natural habitat of the Meerkat.

Ollie will make it work!

Distract-O-Doggie Mara during Covid-19 Quarantine

Dog welcomes new family member during Covid-19 crisis.

Mara is the cutest Mini-Mystery-Doodle ever. She is well known for her love of dressing up for any holiday occasion!

Like so many families during the Covid-19 quarantine, Mara’s family had another family member come to stay with them…

They are just starting to get to know one another.

Mara thinks to herself, “I hope she’s not going to steal all my holiday costumes!”

Luckily the little baby girl attached to these feet doesn’t take up too much room right now.

But, Mara is clearly concerned as she wonders, “Who has feet this small?”

Congratulations to Mara and her humans on their new addition!