Donald, Cobber, and Dodger

After just two classes… the change was obvious to me and to all who visited our home. Lisa’s knowledge and intuition of dog behavior was readily apparent.

One thing that impressed me the most about Lisa’s classes is that there are no “stars” (either human or pet). Everyone participates – with the same goal – to help the other humans and pets understand and enjoy each other a little better.

Cobber-and-Dodger-Testimonial-Photo-1After just two classes with both of my dogs in the same class, the change was obvious to me and to all who visited our home. The dogs’ demeanors changed drastically for the better – toward guests and toward each other. And the best part – no more pulling on leashes and no more need for the Gentle Leader.

Cobber-and-Dodger-Testimonial-Photo-2Lisa’s knowledge and intuitiveness of dog behavior was readily apparent from the first class and from the respect she gets from the outset from the owners of and from the dogs. More importantly, Lisa makes the class fun for all, and heaven knows, we humans sometimes have to chill.

Thanks to Lisa, Cobber and I passed the Delta evaluation (although I’m still peeved that Cobber received a higher score than I did) and we look forward to doing visits in conjunction with the HEART Program. And, time permitting, I will be back in the Spring for the Delta class with Dodger.

Cobber, Donald, and Dodger – Garrison, NY