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Jean and Sophie

Sophie-Testimonial-Photo-1The handling skills that I learned with my dog, Sophie, in Lisa Edwards’ AAT class gave us a wonderful foundation for the visiting that we began soon after completing the course.

In the area where we live, there are dog/handler classes for obedience, rally agility and tracking, but none that teach the skills specific to therapy work, so we commuted from upsate NY to Mahopac for the 10 week class.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I would do it again without hesitation.

The exercises, the work amidst distractions and the role playing gave meaning to the material we studied and prepared us “for the real world.”

Being able to practice and hone our handling skills under Lisa’s watchful eye gave me confidence and helped build a relationship of trust with my dog.

I have no doubt that we are a stronger team because of her class.

Jean and Sophie – Ithaca, NY


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