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Michael and Orville

Dear Lisa,

Had it not been for your knowledge, patience and creativity we would not have passed the Delta evaluation. After failing twice I was beginning to think that this might not be for us.

Orville and I had been to other trainers without success. No other trainer was able to figure out how to get Orville to understand the requirements for being a therapy dog were different from his former experience as a show dog.

Orville-Testimonial-Photo-1Thank you for giving us the ability to participate in his gratifying experience. Orville and I have been doing a lot of therapy work and as you predicted he is perfect for the job.

There is a boy in the local Children’s Hospital, who is waiting for a heart to be transplanted and he loves Orville. Orville has also become attached to him and when we go into his room Orville jumps up on the bed and does his lap dog routine. Yesterday while on a visit two Pediatric Cardiologists came in to examine the little boy. I had previously told him that I would be back on Tuesday. The doctors informed him that he was going to have a diagnostic procedure done either Tuesday or Wednesday. The little boy replied that Tuesday would not work for him. The doctors asked why not Tuesday and he replied Orville will be visiting.

Lisa I know it is your profession but I have to thank you again for helping both of us have these incredible experiences.

With my very best regards,

Michael Galuskin – West Nyack, NY


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