Special Events?

May all your dog’s poops be special events!

Because dog walking is the primary activity I have these days during our Covid-quarantine, I notice more things…

When walking a dog in New York City there are moments when we are grateful or even excited when our dog finally makes their poop, usually after several blocks of sniffing.

And, I am as much a fan of putting a positive spin on things as the next guy.


When the NYC sanitation department thinks my dog’s poop earns the “special events” designation…

Central Park West Special Events poop disposal

…I have to wonder about the state of things…

May all your dog’s poops be special events!

N3w Editorial Staff at 3 D0gs Tra8n8ng

Wi9th me out of wOrk due to the vir5us, I had to hire a cheaper editoria; assisstent…

It dOesn’t get ch3aper than my dog Pax’3.

Granted her ed8tori8al sk8lls are not gr-8, butt she is consientious. And sh3 works for kibbble.

TodAy Is her f8rst dAY.

We expect gr-8 tjongs of pax’e.

Sje also tkes out the TrAsh!

WLCome Pax”E

Distract-o-Doggie Series

How are the Distract-O-Doggie dogs keeping busy cooped up with their humans during the Covid-19 crisis?

The Three Dogs Training Distract-o-Doggie class has been running for twenty years

Many teams have been taking this class for almost all of those years – with different dogs of course. And they are all family.

Like so many families, we are separated by the current stay-at-home orders.

I wanted to keep everyone connected at this time. In the coming weeks the teams will be sending me pictures, videos, and tricks they and their dogs are doing to keep busy.

The first in this series will be, of course, my dog Pax’e in her new editorial position here at Three Dogs.

Stay tuned…

Infini-tug Toy

The Infini-tug Toy is PetSafe’s replacement for the Tennis Tug. This is my favorite tug toy. 

  • It is soft on the hands for the humans
  • It is long so allows for a good distance between dog and handler
  • It can fly nicely so you can do a combo fetch/tug game
  • It goes in the wash machine and dryer
    • A little loud in the dryer, but pretty funny if your dryer has a window and the dog can watch it go round and round.

The down sides are short, but should be mentioned:

  • While the fleece is comfortable for the handler, it can be easily destroyed by the dog.
    • Take it out when it’s tug-time. Put it away when tug-time is over.
      • Don’t leave it alone with your dog – IT WILL BE SHREDDED !
  • The fringy end can be pulled by the dog leaving the toy a bit misshapen.
    • It’s a dog toy – who cares how it looks
    • Or, try to keep the dog pulling on the ball end.