Proviable Multi-strain Probiotics

Happy Gut – Happy Dog.

If your dog has gut issues, you need this.

If your dog has behavioral issues, this is a good support.

If your dog has both gut and behavioral issues, this is essential.

Many neurotransmitters that help regulate mental health are manufactured in the gut. The gut has a huge neural network that acts like a second brain (enteric nervous system). Happy gut = Happy dog.



  • Digestive Health Support for Dogs and Cats: Proviable, a multi-strain probiotic supplement containing 5 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of beneficial bacteria to help support a healthy intestinal balance
  • Prebiotics to Support a Healthy Microbiome: Proviable contains prebiotics to encourage the growth of the beneficial Proviable probiotics within the intestinal tract
  • A Healthy Gut Supports Overall Health: Probiotics help support intestinal health after imbalances have occurred, such as diet changes/food sensitives, dietary indiscretion, stress due to travel or kenneling, or loose stool
    • Behavioral issues can also be moderated by good gut health. So, if your dog has gut issues and behavioral issues – they need this.


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