Feliway Calming Pheromone for Cats

I know you’re thinking why is a cat product on a dog training page. Because I am often asked to help train dogs to safely coexist with cats in their home. It is not enough to help the dog, we have to help the cat, too.

If you have a cat like I did who LOVED dogs, no worries. But even cats who like dogs may not like a ‘new’ dog.

When you bring a new dog into a cat home, remember to help the cat adjust to this new disruption to their lives. The sooner you help the cat with their anxieties, the sooner you will have harmony in your multiple species home.


Feliway helps reduce common signs of stress in cats such as: scratching, urine spraying, tension and conflicts between cats, fears, and reactions to changes like a new dog in the home.


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