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Odin preparing for his family’s new baby. Good Boy!

Odin preparing

Odin settled near his new baby girl’s automated swing.

Odin’s family is expecting their first baby any day now – maybe today!

When she arrives everyone’s life will be changed. Mom and Dad know what’s happening, Odin probably doesn’t.

This is why it’s so important to see how our dogs behave around new baby gizmos before baby arrives because:

  • There won’t be a lot of time when baby comes home
  • If we wait until baby is actually in the swing or vibrating Pack-n-Play or other moving and/or sound making device, we won’t know if our dog is reacting uncomfortably because of the gizmo or the baby
  • And, if we know ahead of time that our dog is not as comfortable with the baby gizmos, we can desensitize

In the picture above Odin has been given his settle command while the swing gently goes back and forth in close proximity to him.

Odin’s family took time before their new baby came home to learn how to and what to train Odin to do to keep their family happy and safe together. For more details on how to keep your baby and dog(s) safe and happy together, and chapter excepts, Please Don’t Bite the Baby, and Please Don’t Chase the Dogs.

Congratulations to Odin and his family – it is all well worth it!

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