Missing Trouble

Today we say goodbye to Trouble, who was taken far too soon by illness.

Trouble was anything but trouble.

She was always happy to see everyone and always game to try any of the crazy games and Troublechallenges of Distract O Doggie class.  As a regular attendee of Distract O Doggie for the last several years, Trouble always made us laugh since she was probably the only Golden on the planet who didn’t really care for treats or toys.  All she wanted was lovin’ and we were all more than happy to give her that.

Good with the other dogs and always friendly with people, Trouble was a joy.  Even when illness started to take hold of her she still shined and sparkled as you can see from her last snow-dog photo.  Although all of us who knew Trouble will miss her terribly it will pale in comparison to how much her family will miss her as they adjust to life without Trouble – better known in class as “Happy Girl.”

We join with her family in saying goodbye to a wonderful soul – Trouble is now pain-free and healthy as she joyfully waits with Maui for her family patiently as only dogs can do.

2 thoughts on “Missing Trouble”

  1. Trouble was a sweetheart, and obviously both loving and much loved. Thanks for sharing her with all her many friends.

    Our thoughts are with you.

    Sue and Joe Gannon

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