Help us help Hunter

Hunter, an at-risk dog sheltered at ARF in Beacon, NY, needs your help to find his forever home!

Hunter has been waiting.

Hunter was brought to Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) in Beacon, NY in November 2008 by a woman who found him loose in Poughkeepsie.  He has won the hearts of all the ARF volunteers and is sweet and affectionate once he gets to know you.  He is worried if he does not know you; and while he may bark a bit, he has never shown any aggressive tendencies.

HunterHe gets along well with other dogs and is often the puppy “uncle” when a new doggie mom can’t take care of all her new pups because she is ill – or if we just want to expand the puppy’s social circle.  He does a great job of being the fun “uncle” to the new little tykes.

He loves cats and spends much of his days playing with them as they run loose in the back while they wait for the maid service to finish cleaning their “rooms.”

Hunter’s big problem is he has many fears.  He is sometimes afraid of the outside Hunter-looking-for-his-cat-buddiesbeyond his pen.  He is usually afraid of cars.  He will need someone to come and get to know him at ARF then begin to take him out regularly or maybe foster him.  We don’t know if he has known a home environment so he needs to get to know one slowly and happily.  He needs to learn that the world outside the shelter can be fun, including new places and even cars.  He needs a human to be his guardian angel either to come regularly to work with him or foster him to get him ready for his forever home – or to be his forever home.

If you are interested in being Hunter’s guardian angel, please come to our next training session at ARF (email me for the date) or email the shelter at

Hunter is a sweet soul who needs a safe home life to allow him to overcome his fears and become the wonderful companion he can be.  He will give his humans warm snuggles on a cold night, and fun bouncy times once he is comfortable with his environment.


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