Happy Birthday, Boo!

We wish Boo a very happy and healthy eleventh birthday!

It was eleven years ago October 31st that Boo joined our family.

There was no way we could tell that this little black and white ball of fur we saw in a stripmall fly-by-night pet store would turn into the incredible dog he did.

His mother was probably ill while pregnant, which left him with cerebellar hypoplasia – a disorder which is caused by the cerebellum not being mature at birth – that was immediately apparent in his jerky, stiff movements and overall lack of coordination.  His other symptoms gradually made themselves known as it was clear that he was partially deaf, progressively lost his eyesight, and suffered from a number of cognitive disabilities.

Despite all of those hurdles, he was was able to trooper his way through training and eventually passed his Delta Society evaluation to begin his career doing therapy work.

There he was:  a small puppy thrown away in front of a pet store, who could barely stand or walk and who would take over a year to housetrain, but he was the one who gave a family their son back and made national news doing it.

As much as we love him, he’s also a powerful reminder that we can’t overestimate an animal’s ability to exceed our expectations (or prejudices) based on their origins or pedigrees.  Every dog, whether they’re from a shelter, breeder, or a stray has within them the same potential to shine.

(Editorial Note – I had intended on posting this on Halloween, but that little bit of snow we had left us without power until just recently.)

Holy moly – Three Dogs Training has a mailing list!

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We’ve been busy as beavers at Three Dogs lately, but most of the changes have been behind the scenes and out of sight.

One of them that you can see for yourself – if you look just a little over to the right – is that we’ve got a spanking-new mailing list.  I thought out loud awhile back that it would be nice to have one to keep people updated with all the new things we’ve got going on and I guess someone was listening.

We’re still finalizing what we really want to do with it, but I can tell you right now what I’m not going to do with it:  any of that creepy stuff like loaning it out or selling it off.

It’s easy to join – just put your email in the box and click subscribe.  It then sends an email to confirm that you wanted to sign up and even lets you know how to unsubscribe – but who would want to do that?

So, if you’re interested, give it a click and join in on the fun.  Best of all, it’s free!

Pinball versus Stick

Pinball takes on his foremost nemesis: a stick in our backyard.

Finally a sunny and comparatively warm day we decided to combine some fun outside for the newest addition to the family, Pinball, along with a chance to test out our newest gadget – a Flip camera.

Pinball was the only member of Callie’s litter – the only boy in the litter – who wasn’t adopted from the shelter right away.  When she died it seemed right to bring him here.  He seems to be liking it – or at least the stick.


We’ve been Yelped!

Our first review on Yelp! and it’s a great one!

Earlier I mentioned that our new website has a lot of really cool bells and whistles that Lawrence set up in the background.  I was playing with one of them this afternoon when I stumbled on something that really made my day.

In looking through our Google logs I noticed that Dennie, a student in one of our positive reinforcement basic training classes (along with his pup Heidi), wrote a really fantastic review of Three Dogs Training on Yelp.

Thanks, Dennie!


Time for Three Dogs to grow

As of this date, Three Dogs Training is now officially Three Dogs Training, LLC.

As part of the ongoing changes we mentioned earlier this month, we’re happy to announce that we’re now Three Dogs Training, LLC.

With my over two decades of dog training experience and over ten years in business, the exciting things that we have scheduled in 2010 (and beyond) required taking this step to allow Three Dogs Training to grow.

I can’t wait to share what we’ve got planned for this year, but sometimes surprises are fun – and worth the wait!