What’s our Tricks and Clicks class like? Pinball vs Skateboard, Episode I

Ever wonder what our Tricks & Clicks class is like? Rather than take our word that it’s silly, great fun – how about a movie?

Ever wonder what our Tricks and Clicks class is like?  We think it’s a huge amount of fun, but rather than take our word for it how about taking a look for yourself?

The setup for this movie is that, during class, I took out a toy that Pinball’s never seen – a skateboard – and am clicker-training him to figure out what to do with it:

Sure, it’s a silly movie but it made us laugh.  Let us know what you think!

Pinball versus Stick

Pinball takes on his foremost nemesis: a stick in our backyard.

Finally a sunny and comparatively warm day we decided to combine some fun outside for the newest addition to the family, Pinball, along with a chance to test out our newest gadget – a Flip camera.

Pinball was the only member of Callie’s litter – the only boy in the litter – who wasn’t adopted from the shelter right away.  When she died it seemed right to bring him here.  He seems to be liking it – or at least the stick.