Wayfair’s “Dreaming Dogs” Where should your dogs sleep?

It is not uncommon for clients to ask me where their dog should sleep.

Wayfair (the online retailer) apparently wanted to know too. They did some research, reached out to various dog training professionals, and the result was the article, “Dreaming Dogs, The Most Common Places Dogs Catch Z’s”

From Wayfair online

After they compiled the numbers polled and heard from the experts, it seems that the popular opinion is people want their dogs to sleep with them (maybe not always in the same bed).

I like to take it one step farther and ask my dogs by letting them have the choice of dog bed, floor, my bed, etc.

If your dog is potty trained, and good with his/her house manners, then let your dog have a vote –

Unless he’s just gone out and gotten skunked! (then refer to the Three Dogs Skunk Blog)

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