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Susan and Johnny B. Good

Johnny-B-Good-Testimonial-Photo-1 Kindness and attention really work better even if taking longer, and are infinitely better for the human as well.

The Dalai Lama says that kindness is at the heart of Buddhism. Positive training is such a clear showing of kindness as opposed to unkindness… it’s strange to see people arguing against it.

A long time ago I heard Michael Tilson Thomas say that what’s required in making good music are time and attention and love. I think of that with dog training; also the training is animal-assisted therapy for the trainer.

If you could see how gently Johnny tells me that he needs to go out, or greets my mother, you might not recognize that little dog who was shredding our sleeves on the lawn at South Putnam Animal Hospital.

Anyway, this has all been a great gift and I thank you as always.

Susan and Johnny B. Good – Hartsdale, NY


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