Treat Containers Easy Open/Close

These containers are easy to unlock and uncap with one hand. So, if you are holding your baby and need to reward your dog for good behavior with your one free hand, this is perfect.

Not everyone has a dog and baby. But if you are training your dog, you need to be able to quickly and easily get a treat to reward what you like, quickly redirect what you don’t, or easily lure your dog away for a dangerous situation.


Even though these containers seal and open quickly with one hand, once the ring on the lid is pushed down, the silicone seal inside the lid will expand to seal the jar, creating complete airtightness.

So… you pup won’t be able to unlock it.   Shatterproof also helps if pup want so try to unlock it 😉

Large Chalkboard Labels allow you to be sure other family members know these are dog treats and not for human snacking.




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