Snuffle Mat/Bowl

All dogs need as much cognitive exercise as they do physical exercise (maybe more)…

The snuffle mat/bowl is a great way to let your dog engage their natural foraging instinct and adjust the mat for the dog’s size or to make it more difficult for the dogs who figure things out way too quickly.

Like a regular snuffle mat, your dog will, eat a little more slowly, occupy themselves for a little bit and get that much needed cognitive exercise.


  • MORE FUN FROM THIS FEEDING TOY: Hide treats and kibble inside.
  • RECOMMENDED BY DOG TRAINERS AND VETS: Provides Mental Stimulation. Slows Down Fast Eaters. Strengthens Foraging Skills. Reduces Stress. Keeps Your Pet Busy. Calms Hyper Pets.
  • Remember to remove after play so it doesn’t get shredded 😉


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