Dog Twister

Easy to clean

Great interactive game for you and your pet

Aids in training commands such as wait, go ahead, find, sit, etc.

Tough and hard-wearing, water, dishwasher and slobber-proof.

Great for cats as well


The DogTwister is a challenging and fun game for you and your active pet. You hide the treats in the depressions under the blocks and your pet finds them one block after another.

Like all puzzle toys for dogs, this is a great way to:

  • Enrich your dog’s days with fun and play that mimics there natural foraging tendencies
  • Slow down their eating. Dogs who eat quickly can make themselves sick. Putting their meals in a puzzle toy slows them down and enriches their meal times.
  • Keep your dog out of your hair. When you have a meeting, or had a long day and you need your dog busy – give them a puzzle toy.


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