Lisa and Boo were in the Journal News!

Lisa and Boo were featured in the October 31, 2012 edition of the Journal News!

We’re playing a bit of Superstorm Sandy catch-up, but Lisa and Boo were in the October 31st edition of the Journal News!

If you’re not a subscriber, the article is available on their website!

Here’s a link: It’s a dog’s life for Carmel author.


One thought on “Lisa and Boo were in the Journal News!”

  1. Just finished your book. It was great. I believe that we all can learn something from our dogs. I lost my black lab mix in February at 10. It was hard and I wasn’t going to do it again. In April visiting my family in So. Carolina we went to a rescue and lo and behold I now have an almost 2 girl named Georgia. I believe from the way she behaves that she was probably an outside dog before ending up in a kill shelter in Georgia where the rescue group got her. She is wild and crazy and makes me laugh and we really have a lot of issues to work on but I wouldn’t part with her for the world. I think I have picked up some ideas from your book that will help with that also. So it was not just a great story but was very helpful with ideas for working with this overgrown puppy. Oh and this morning she opened the gate to the fence in the back yard and went for a run. One of my neighbors caught her and brought her home. No back yard time till I get that fixed. I think that all that you do with your dogs to help other people is wonderful. If only more people realized the benefits there would not be so many in shelters or being put down. Thanks for what you do with them and for them.

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