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Jill and Linda

Kinsey was 4 months old when we signed up for puppy class.

We were so fortunate that Lisa Edwards was the trainer. We still attend classes with Lisa!

Kinsey-and-Shelby-Testimonial-Photo-1Kinsey (now 5) and Shelby (two years younger than Kinsey) have been in Lisa’s classes since puppy-hood and still attend the ever popular and fun Distract-A-Doggie classes. We were thrilled when Lisa started her “Three Dogs Training” business.

Kinsey-and-Shelby-Testimonial-Photo-2The “girls” love going to school. Kinsey trained with Lisa to be a pet therapy Delta dog before she was one year old. And although she didn’t pass the test the first time, she did earn her CGC certificate and through more training, perseverance, maturity and patience, she is now a Delta therapy dog, and is great! Shelby, however, has no such interest. Her favorite song is “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.”

The classes are for us humans also. We keep going to help us do the right thing for our pups. Through Lisa’s guidance, sense of humor, creativity and good judgment our girls have blossomed into fine doggies and we have blossomed into fine humans for our doggies.

Jill & Linda – Croton-on-Hudson, NY


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