Holy moly – Three Dogs Training has a mailing list!

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We’ve been busy as beavers at Three Dogs lately, but most of the changes have been behind the scenes and out of sight.

One of them that you can see for yourself – if you look just a little over to the right – is that we’ve got a spanking-new mailing list.  I thought out loud awhile back that it would be nice to have one to keep people updated with all the new things we’ve got going on and I guess someone was listening.

We’re still finalizing what we really want to do with it, but I can tell you right now what I’m not going to do with it:  any of that creepy stuff like loaning it out or selling it off.

It’s easy to join – just put your email in the box and click subscribe.  It then sends an email to confirm that you wanted to sign up and even lets you know how to unsubscribe – but who would want to do that?

So, if you’re interested, give it a click and join in on the fun.  Best of all, it’s free!

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