Guess what VID (Very Important Dog) I met last week.

Lisa met Wranger, the Today Show dog from Guiding Eyes for the Blind!

I had heard about a dog from Guiding Eyes for the Blind (GEB) who was a regular on the Today Show. Since my mornings are usually spent cleaning up my son’s oatmeal or scrambled egg as I try to whisk him off to day care before I start work, I’ve not had a chance to view the Today Show dog. There’s not much time for celebrity dog spotting with a three year old.

However, on a recent visit to GEB I got to meet a dog named Wrangler. I was told he had just finished a busy weekend spending his Memorial Day with Today Show folks and their holiday celebrations. He looked pretty good after having a long weekend. I wish I could say the same for me.

Oh well…

Thanks Wrangler and GEB for letting me have my picture taken with a VID!

More to come on why I was there, later…

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