By George! A great dog needs your help!

George, a great bull terrier rescued by Big Apple Bull Terrier Rescue, needs your help to find his forever home!

Big Apple Bull Terrier Rescue recently gave me the lovely opportunity to meet George the Bull Terrier in his foster home.  I was struck by how affectionate he was, how well he got along with his female k9 housemate (and humans too) and how interested he was in doing anything I asked him to do.  George is losing his foster home and it is time this big goof-ball find himself a Forever Family!

George-chin-restGeorge is a funny, silly, lovable, snuggly, quintessential bull terrier boy who would benefit from a fenced yard, lots of long fun walks and a structured life.  He would like an active female playmate, too, who will tolerate his knockabout (but not mean) play style – but he would be happy with just his forever humans, too.  Everyone who meets George adores him!   He is a fast learner, very affectionate and goofy, and loves going places (even to the vet).  Like so many bull terriers, George is a lot of dog – but a lot of fun comes with him.  George would also make a great “office” dog for the human who can take their dog to work.  He could become the “Mayor” of your workplace.  Although George is deaf, he doesn’t let it get in his way when it comes to being social – so we shouldn’t either.

George-on-slateGeorge was originally a stray from Long Island.  Big Apple Bull Terrier Rescue thinks he is around 4 or 5 years old.  Like many deaf dogs, George is like velcro and wants to be with you always. He doesn’t seem to startle too much to his humans in the house, but he does put on a bit of a show when out walking and confronted by something exciting, frustrating or scary.  This should be pretty quickly remedied with some good solid relationship building and attention work for FOOD.   BTW, George is very food motivated – yeah!    He may not hear you, but he smells those treats in your hands…  He does not like cats or other small animals and will amuse himself in a yard by guarding against errant chipmunks and assorted varmints.

George does not need a “strong hand” or an “alpha human.”  He needs a human who will guide him using positive reinforcement training and give George constant feedback in the beginning (because he’s deaf) to help him focus. He would enjoy going to classes –  tricks, agility, nose-work, some-kind of fun that will occupy him both physically and mentally  – which Big Apple Bull Terrier Rescue will help pay for with an approved trainer.  He has been in foster care for a year…..waayyy too long…. George deserves a real home where he can focus all his love on “his” human(s).

George does very well on his front clip harness (Easy Walk Harness – he does need it upside down like so many big chested dogs).  And, because he is deaf, he will need consistent guidance in his new home for a few months until he understands the lay-of-the-land.  But once you have built a good relationship and hand signals for George he will be a blast – and snuggly, too!

George has a minor congenital condition called “dry eye” which is treated twice daily with a prescription ointment.  Nobody’s perfect!

If you think you’d like to help George please let us or Big Apple Bullies know!

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