How did Boo spend his day today?

A ton of visitors were at Three Dogs world headquarters today, all to see Boo! Fun was had by all and the day ended with Boo totally pooped.

Lots of activity at Three Dogs Training world headquarters today – and it’s all because of Boo (and Lisa)!

Visitors were up from New York City today, braving the wind, rain, traffic, and unseasonably warm temperatures to come all the way to Carmel just to see Boo.

And why were they here?

All the downstairs hallways filled with electronic equipment…


The dining room cleared out and blocked off by screens…


Behind the screens lighting equipment piled up to the ceiling…


It’s not boudoir photography – it’s Boo-doir photography!

We can’t say why they were here – yet, but soon! – but it was a blast having them here and Boo absolutely loved being the center of attention for the entire day!

By the end he was pooped and slept like a log, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts he was dreaming about spending the rest of his days as a supermodel.