The Kindle version of A Dog Named Boo is now available for pre-order!

The Kindle version of A Dog Named Boo by Lisa J. Edwards and due in October 2012 from Harlequin Nonfiction is now available to pre-order!

It’s taken a while but Amazon finally has the Kindle version of A Dog Named Boo available for pre-order!

Lawrence is the Kindle-lover in our home – and for my part I’ll always prefer holding a real book – but at least now all our bases are covered!

Here’s a link!

A Dog Named Boo has been named one of the Top Ten Memoirs of 2012 by Publisher’s Weekly! (And Boo’s got his own website, too!)

A Dog Named Boo has been named one of the Top Ten Memoirs of 2012 by Publisher’s Weekly – and we gave the book its own website to celebrate!

Things has been super busy here all Summer but I wanted to take a moment to say that I am pleased, proud, and a bit humbled that Publisher’s Weekly has named A Dog Named Boo one of the Top Ten Memoirs of 2012!

A tremendous amount of effort went into writing A Dog Named Boo and it’s extremely gratifying to have that work acknowledged on such a high level in such a competitive market!

(If you’ve never heard of Publisher’s Weekly, it is to book publishing as Variety is to show business.)

As we get closer and closer to the release date for A Dog Named Boo there will be a ton of stuff coming down the pike – so much so that we’ve decided to give the book it’s own website!

For the past couple of weeks Lawrence has been busy putting the new website together behind the scenes and now it’s ready for its debut – I’m really happy with what he put together and hope you will be, too!

Head on over and check it out:

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The Primary Message of A Dog Named Boo

Lisa J. Edwards discusses the primary message of A Dog Named Boo, due for publication in October 2012 by Harlequin Nonfiction.

As part of the lead-up to the October publication of A Dog Named Boo, we were asked to put together this short video for Amazon discussing the book’s primary message.

Please enjoy and please remember to share!

A Dog Named Boo. Finally, a book you can judge by its cover!

A Dog Named Boo by Lisa J. Edwards will be published by Harlequin Non-Fiction in October 2012 and is available for pre-order now!

“The best animal stories are about relationships, and nothing is better than a story like A Dog Named Boo, in which a person and an animal together find hope, strength, purpose and their place in the world. Lisa and Boo’s joy at helping others is inspiring; but it’s their belief in each other, even when no one else believed, that touched my heart.”
– Bret Witter, New York Times bestselling co-author of Dewey and Until Tuesday



A Dog Named Boo.  How One Dog and One Woman Rescued Each Other – and the Lives They Transformed Along the Way

by Lisa J. Edwards

She Thought She Was Rescuing an Abandoned Puppy.
Turns Out, He Was Rescuing Her.

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How did Boo spend his day today?

A ton of visitors were at Three Dogs world headquarters today, all to see Boo! Fun was had by all and the day ended with Boo totally pooped.

Lots of activity at Three Dogs Training world headquarters today – and it’s all because of Boo (and Lisa)!

Visitors were up from New York City today, braving the wind, rain, traffic, and unseasonably warm temperatures to come all the way to Carmel just to see Boo.

And why were they here?

All the downstairs hallways filled with electronic equipment…


The dining room cleared out and blocked off by screens…


Behind the screens lighting equipment piled up to the ceiling…


It’s not boudoir photography – it’s Boo-doir photography!

We can’t say why they were here – yet, but soon! – but it was a blast having them here and Boo absolutely loved being the center of attention for the entire day!

By the end he was pooped and slept like a log, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts he was dreaming about spending the rest of his days as a supermodel.