Brodart reviewed A Dog Named Boo!

A Dog Named Boo by Lisa J. Edwards was reviewed by Brodart, the largest library supplier in the country. In short, they loved it!

It’s hard to believe that we’re only a month away from the publication of A Dog Named Boo, but when the reviews start appearing it really brings it home that the book is right on top of us.

The latest review that I’ve seen is from Brodart – the largest library supplier in the country.

In short, they love it!

Here’s an excerpt:

[quote]I was very moved by all the good Boo, along with Lisa, did for so many people. Much of this story takes place in the early 2000s, when research for the positive effect dogs can have in all kinds of situations was still new and limited, so it was interesting to watch people become believers simply by witnessing Boo’s remarkable work.[/quote]

[quote]Perhaps the best part of the book, for me anyway, was how inspired I felt after reading it (as nonfiction of this type should do to a reader). I desperately want to get Odin involved in some sort of animal assisted therapy or education, one because I know how much he would enjoy the attention, but also because I know that, like Boo, Odin’s charm could make someone with a terminal illness smile for the first time in days or relax a child nervous to be reading in front of a group.[/quote]

[quote]Add A Dog Named Boo to your shelves today, so animal lovers, animal trainers, and anyone interested in animal assisted therapy can read the story of this amazing dog who overcame all odds, plus changed the lives of so many, including his owners.[/quote]

A Dog Named Boo is also on Facebook – head on over and let Boo know how much you like him!

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