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Summer School for Dogs

If you have been wondering what you and your dog will do with yourselves this summer, maybe summer school is a perfect fit for you.

The AATEA (Animal Assisted Therapy, Education, and Activities) class will be starting July 8th in the 11:20am time slot. Remember for this class, teams need to speak (or email) me prior to enrolling to be sure everyone is ready for the stressors of this class. Pet Partner evaluations (See a sample of a PP Eval) will be scheduled for the end of August (exact date TBD). The Three Dogs Training AATEA class (Video of class) will prepare you to visit with your dog in a variety of settings.


The Basic class will be running in the 9am time slot beginning July 8th. Whether you dog is 8 weeks, 8 months, or 8 years, if you have not done previous training, this is the best starting point.



The Distract-a-Doggie class will be in its usual 10:10am time slot starting July 8th. Remember this is the class that helps keep your dog in good working order around other distractions.

All our trained dogs are “perfect” when there are no distractions.

But then, the squirrel or the kids on the scooters go by, it’s like our dogs don’t even know we exist. Distract-a-Doggie allows you to proof those skills in a safe and fun distracting environment .


Please review the details on the class info page or email Lisa if you have any questions.

Enroll online here.



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