What do Steve Jobs and Boo have in common?

Just as the paperback of the best-selling A Dog Named Boo is starting to appear, the most unlikely pair ever makes an appearance on the store shelf!

Now that the paperback version of the best-selling A Dog Named Boo is starting to appear on shelves, a friend of ours sent in this photo from their local Target that made me laugh.


It’s quite the juxtaposition, but it made me think about just what do Steve Jobs and Boo have in common?

[unordered_list style=”bullet”]

  • Boo’s certainly no computer tycoon.
  • Boo’s only interaction with an apple has been as the occasional snack treat.
  • Boo is clearly a dog and Jobs—well not so much.
  • They do both have a thoughtful kind of mischievous expression on their book covers.
  • They both have the distinguished salt and pepper thing going on.
  • They are both the subjects of best-selling books.[/unordered_list]

In short, they couldn’t be further from each other’s place in this world yet here they are together on the shelf at Target.

Funny old world!


Lisa and Boo were on the Marie show!

Boo and I took a trip out to California.

Marie read A Dog Named Boo and loved the story so much that she had to have us on her show.

Luckily we had enough miles to upgrade to a Business class seat.

Boo needed room to stretch out so he could get his beauty sleep before his big TV debut.

Enjoy the clip
Boo listening very carefully to Marie.

Lisa was profiled by The Journal News!

Lisa was profiled by The Journal News in their latest My Neighborhood article!

The Journal News and LoHud.com profiled Lisa and Carmel in their latest My Neighborhood series of articles!

Here’s a link:

My Neighborhood: Lisa Edwards loves the wide open spaces of Carmel

And to top it off, both Boo and a certain little boy ham it up for the camera!



A Dog Named Boo was reviewed by Interactions magazine!

Interactions magazine, published by Pet Partners, reviewed A Dog Named Boo in the Winter 2013 issue and they loved it!

Pet Partners (formerly known as the Delta Society) reviewed A Dog Named Boo in the latest issue of their periodical magazine, Interactions.

In short, they loved it!

Interactions magazine is print-only so you can check out the review below:

A Dog Named Boo

By Lisa Edwards

Harlequin (September 2012, hardcover)

292 pages

This book tells the story of Boo, a mischievous rescue pup who overcame a few bumps and health challenges to find his way into the lives and hearts of so many people working as a therapy dog. The book’s author, Lisa Edwards, is a professional dog trainer as well as having served as a Pet Partners Instructor and Evaluator for more than 10 years. In A Dog Named Boo, Lisa shares the journey she, Boo and her other dogs have taken with a warmth and understanding, and you’ll also find a wealth of training tips and excellent advice on making visits with a therapy dog. What is special about this book is that Lisa opens up to how powerful the human-animal bond is especially when facing life challenges. A wonderful, heartfelt read.

Jayne Ryan, Therapy Animal Program Coordinator – Facilities and Affiliates

Lisa and Boo are this week’s The Quaz Q&A!

Lisa and Boo are this week’s The Quaz Q&A over on JeffPearlman.com!

In case you don’t know, The Quaz Q&A is a weekly column over on JeffPearlman.com.

(If you’ve read Sports Illustrated, ESPN.com, or a million other things you’ve likely read something that Jeff has written.)

Here’s a link – The Quaz Q&A: Lisa Edwards.