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The new Three Dogs Newsletter is on the way!

For a long time, I’ve wanted a way to get the latest Three Dogs Training news out to folks who don’t visit the website much or aren’t on Facebook or Twitter.

A while back, I passed this over to Lawrence to see what he could come up with and – after a bit of tinkering – he sent me the very first copy of the Three Dogs Newsletter and I loved it!

Here’s the idea:

  • The digest will go out once a week to the inboxes of everyone on the Three Dogs Training mailing list whenever I publish new posts on the blog.
  • If there’s a week that I don’t publish anything new, there won’t be a digest for that week.

That seems to me the best way to both get the news out to everyone while also cutting back on adding any more email clutter.

If you’re not on the Three Dogs mailing list then click here to join and, as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


One Response to The new Three Dogs Newsletter is on the way!

  1. Ellen Joseph March 23, 2013 at 12:26 PM #

    Great idea. I am not on Facebook or Twitter and would very much like to keep up with what is going on with 3 Dogs Training, class schedules, etc. I have GEB classes only twice a month now so may be able to drop in on your new Wednesday class that starts in April. Please let me know time and details.

    Ellen & Mia

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