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What’s in Lisa’s treat pouch?, or How To Make Your Own Puppy Crack

Some guidelines that I follow to make up a perfect potpourri of puppy-crack for my treat pouch. The specific brands of treats that I use are available in the Boo-tique.

Things Your Dog Will Love: Tennis Tug

The Tennis Tug is deceptively simple in its design, which is essentially a three-foot length of braided fleece wound through a tennis ball at the end. Woven through the Tennis Tug, however, is a magic that I’ve never been able to put my finger on but which seems to flip a switch in the head of any dog who loves Tug.

Things Your Dog Will Love: Atomic Treat Ball

Dogs are natural problem solvers, from tracking down a scent in the park, or rooting out that single piece of kibble behind their food bowl. However, the normal life of a dog living in a human home doesn’t make for too many riddles to solve – except for the one we don’t want them to. Puzzle Toys like the Atomic Treat Ball change all that.

Things Your Dog Will Love: Twist ‘n Treat

Keeping our dogs engaged in problem solving – as well as on their toes – is where the Twist ‘n Treat shines.

Things Your Dog Will Love: MannersMinder

In short, the MannersMinder is way to dispense treats remotely for times when you just physically can’t give them to the dog or when you want to redirect the dog into a different location.

Things Your Dog Will Love: Thundershirt

The Thundershirt is essentially a body wrap that helps the dog become less reactive to anxiety-causing stimuli using deep touch pressure.

A little D.A.P.’ll do ‘ya.

Many clinical trials of D.A.P. both in home and shelter situations have shown that it can help as a relaxing treatment when used in conjunction with positive reinforcement desensitizing and counter-conditioning (DS/CC).