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ARF Beacon Needs You!

Not enough dogs in your life? Want to give a dog in need a leg up – or four! – when they really need them? Want to help save a life?

ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation – Beacon) needs foster families to help with some of the dogs who have special needs:

  • Some might be working through a course of heartworm after giving birth and need a quieter environment than a shelter.
  • Some might be scared of going outside at night and need a patient person to show them that it’s okay.
  • Some might be young and in need of the kind of socialization adolescent dogs just can’t get in a shelter.
  • Some might need a good deal of work to help them not spend their lives in a shelter.

ARF will cover their medical costs and provide food. ARF foster families will be required to attend the Thursday night training once a month and will be allowed to run their fosters through a Three Dogs Training Basic course free of charge – space permitting.

As a foster family you will only be expected to take a dog you feel comfortable with and will only be expected to keep the dog as long as you can – or until they find a forever home, whichever comes first.

Here are the dogs at ARF that need immediate fostering:

TracyThis is Tracey. She’s a choc lab mix. She’s about 2 years old. She’s 70 lbs. She’s not spayed either because she’s in the middle of heartworm treatments. She loves to be around people and hates being caged up. She needs a quiet place so she can be calm. The shelter is NO place for her to be. She had two pups and was a very good mama to them even though she was not well. She probably needs someone who will be home most of the day.

PollyThis is Polly. She’s between 1 and 2 year old. She’s not spayed because of her condition. She’s not contagious to anyone. It’s contained within herself just like Midnight’s condition. She’s very energetic and LOVES to play. She will need a firm foster who knows how to handle dogs. She’s a boxer mix.

MidnightThis is Midnight. She’s pretty much housebroken. She’s about 6 months old. She’s about 30 lbs. or so. She’s a black lab mix.

She’s not spayed because of her condition right now.

And for more details in general, how to get started, or a copy of the ARF Foster contract please contact Ann Jordan at or call her at 845-831-4638.


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