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Good news, everyone! Puppy Pre-School is scheduled to start this Wednesday, May 8th in the 5:30 pm time slot in our Mahopac location!

As many of you know, the Puppy Pre-School is a lot like a flash-mob for puppies in that it can only run when we have enough puppies between 8 weeks and 20 weeks who can all make it to class at the appointed time.

This class runs for as long as we have enough puppies in that age range. (The longest run was 2011 when we went for three straight months!)

If you have a puppy in that age range – don’t wait!  Email or call me and we can get your puppy into the Puppy Pre-School.

This is one of the most important steps you will take to making sure you puppy is social with other dogs, new people, and that you begin to read your puppy as the individual dog he or she is.

Remember each dog is a unique animal and the more you understand that individual from the beginning the easier your life together will be.


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