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What’s the new Free Form class all about?

It’s a solutions/shaping/proofing class.

This is the class where you get to tell me what we will be working on each week as students present me with a couple training challenges or puzzles and together we will work on them.

You might want to work on loose-leash walking, barking, mouthy behaviors, jumping, chewing, stress reduction, pushy attention getting behaviors, tricks, fears and confidence building. This is the place!!!

In other words let’s say you’ve done Basic, maybe Intermediate, or even Advanced and there are still things nagging you – this is the class!

Very often folks have similar issues but don’t compare notes, sometimes teams can learn from each other as much as from me. This is not the class for reactive behavior that we nave not worked on in private setting. Teams need to have done at least Basic manners or have instructor’s approval.

You can enroll for all six classes or drop-in when you can or need to.


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  1. Chris P. March 25, 2013 at 2:01 PM #

    So when will be it on Saturdays??

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